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The fulfillment arm of HAVE!

It only makes sense that a company that does DVD and CD replication and duplication services would also offer fulfillment services to their multimedia clients, right? Well, we do! Not only for our multimedia clients, but also for any merchant with orders to pick, pack, and ship, or digitally deliver via download. is the web-based order fulfillment arm of HAVE, Inc. We can help relieve you of the entire fulfillment/logistics function of your business, freeing you up to do what you do best...grow your business!

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  • AUDREY® is HAVE's advanced order fulfillment database software that manages your inventory, orders and shipments. We designed and developed AUDREY from the ground up!
  • iFAST® is live, web based processing and reporting, integrating seamlessly with AUDREY®, and available to you online, 24/7/365
  • Just in time inventory control
  • Bar-code compliant product receiving, picking, packing, and carrier processing
  • Web-based password protected administration rights for you, for your part maintenance and all reporting functions
  • Reporting functions include - shipping summaries, inventory status, back order reports, inventory movement analysis, daily order import results, and more.
  • Same day to 3 day order processing
  • E-commerce storefront with shopping cart and credit card processing are available
  • E-commerce web design and implementation services are available
  • Sales, marketing, and accounting reports

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“I am happy with the [duplication] job you did on the Qigong and Tai Chi videos. I like the communication we have had. Thanks. I anticipate ordering more copies within the next year. We'll be in touch.”
Greg DiLisio, M.A.
Program Director at Kripalu
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