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(Hudson, NY) Marlboro Free Library, in Marlboro NY is continually looking for ways to improve service to the community, and when they decided to update older formats of their audio and video resources to DVD and CD, they turned to HAVE, Inc.

Like many libraries and educational institutions finding their vast array of audio and video resources stored on dated and deteriorating formats like VHS tape, or audiocassette, Marlboro Free Library went looking for someone to help them preserve and update their titles to longer lasting and useful formats. Library patrons everywhere, just don't have VCR's or cassette players in their homes or cars anymore. HAVE easily converted those VHS tapes and audiocassettes into DVD's and CD's, not only extending their archival life for decades to come, but also broadening access to a wider range of people equipped with today's electronics. At the same time, HAVE also converted those same titles to digital file formats, so that patrons can now download resources directly, increasing access to materials even more.

HAVE, Inc.'s MultiMedia Services division offers complete DVD, CD, Video, and Audio services to corporate, educational, healthcare, government, and not-for-profit markets nationally. HAVE services include DVD and CD: duplication and replication, authoring and post production, encoding and transcoding, digital format conversion and archiving, podcasting and streaming media, as well printing, packaging, and web-based order fulfillment services. Visit online, or call 1-800-999-4283

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