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(Hudson, NY) Dharma Communications in Mt. Tremper, NY has chosen HAVE, Inc. to digitally archive their extensive library of audiocassette programs.

Digital Archiving is the process by which older analog formats of either audio or video master tapes are digitally encoded and stored on hard drive for preservation and for future use as digitally delivered media. Dharma Communications Audio (DC Audio) has an audio archive that spans twenty-five years, and offers recordings of dharma discourses and retreats by teachers in the Mountains and Rivers Order, talks by eminent scholars, readings of classic texts, and selected music. HAVE, Inc.'s MultiMedia Services division is assisting Dharma by transferring over 2000 Dharma audiocassettes to .wav or .mp3 digital audio files, carefully monitoring both file quality and file naming conventions, and preserving them on stable long life computer hard disc drives.

Dharma Communications is the not-for-profit educational arm of the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism, an organization of associated temples, practice centers, and sitting groups in the United States and abroad. Dharma Communications provides products and services to assist people interested in spiritual practice, particularly those on the path of Zen Buddhism. With their work, they strive to embody the spirit of right livelihood while utilizing modern technologies and long-tested forms of communication. The voluntary effort of lay practitioners, residents of Zen Mountain Monastery and monastics of the Order - the people who are Dharma Communications - is an expression of their dedication to spiritual practice.

HAVE, Inc.'s MultiMedia Services division offers complete DVD, CD, Video, and Audio services to corporate, educational, healthcare, government, and not-for-profit markets nationally. HAVE services include DVD and CD: duplication and replication, authoring and post production, encoding and transcoding, digital format conversion and archiving, podcasting and streaming media, as well printing, packaging, and web-based order fulfillment services. Visit online, or call 1-800-999-4283.

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