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Agatha Brown

Agatha BrownFor over 30 years, HAVE has been a part of the local music scene here in upstate New York. In our years, we've worked with many talented people, including the focus of today's story, Agatha Brown.

In the mid-1980s, Agatha was a college student and casual musician/songwriter. She met her future husband Jess in college (a fellow singer/songwriter), and after they were married he went to work for a local newspaper while she opened an aerobics studio in Hudson, NY. While there, she met the president of HAVE, Inc., Nancy Gordon. Thanks to their similar interests, the two hit it off and Agatha started working at HAVE in 1986.

During this time, she and her husband continued to nurture their love of music. They made phone calls and yearly trips to Nashville, and in 1990 they made the move to Tennessee. This wasn't the end of Agatha's time with HAVE, though - she used the move to set up a Nashville branch of the company, bringing HAVE's products and services right into the heart of country music. Many of our long-time clients will remember Agatha fondly.

Jess signed his first writing deal in 1993, and less than a year later the couple would celebrate the birth of their first child as well as Jess's first #1 single "Rope the Moon." Another hit single and several top ten songs meant that things were picking up, and Agatha began managing their two publishing companies on a full-time basis. In this role, she pitched several of his songs to various producers and record labels and was responsible for placing two songs on Lee Ann Womack's Some Things I Know. Her first single, "Little Past Little Rock," went to #1, and "Now You See Me," became a top ten hit. All told, this resulted in four #1 singles as well as numerous top 10/top 20 hits with songs appearing on over 20 million CDs.

Today, Agatha runs the day-to-day business of their publishing/production company, RIG Entertainment ( She still makes time for some songwriting of her own, and is responsible for scouting wonderful new talent. We love their music and love Agatha and Jess. They are a great team, and we congratulate them for following their dream to work successfully in the music business, and we thank them for letting HAVE be part of the adventure!

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