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John Daido LooriJohn Daido Loori was a photographer who found that snapping a picture mirrored the instant of spiritual enlightenment, inspiring him to start an influential Zen monastery in Mt. Tremper, NY. He was the spiritual leader and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery. Zen Buddhist elders nearly prevented Abbot Loori's ordination as a monk after seeing a tattoo peeking from his robe. A Navy souvenir, it depicted an innocent-enough anchor. But Japanese associate tattoos with criminals, and Abbot Loori refused to erase his past. Eventually, the ordination went through.

Devoted to maintaining authentic Zen training, Abbot Loori developed a distinctive style, called the Eight Gates of Zen involving both monastic and lay practitioners in a program of study that embraces every aspect of daily life. He was the founder and director of the Mountains and Rivers Order, an organization of Zen Buddhist temples, practice centers, and sitting groups in the U.S. and abroad. He was also president of Dharma Communications, a right-action enterprise devoted to making Buddhist teachings widely available through the production of video tapes, books, meditation supplies, and a quarterly journal, Mountain Record.

Drawing on his background as scientist, artist, naturalist, and Zen priest, Abbot Loori was an American master who spoke directly to students from the perspective of a common background. He died this past October at the age of 78.

Dharma Communications

Dharma Communications

Dharma Communications is the not-for-profit educational and outreach arm of the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism. They are dedicated to producing and offering a range of media: books, CDs, DVDs, online radio, audio subscriptions and podcasts. They also design and maintain a comprehensive website and create their own ads, brochures and catalogs through their web and graphic design department.

Dharma Communications has been a long-time client of HAVE's. Captured from primary source audio cassettes, HAVE is archiving over 1,500 hours of John Daido Loori's teachings. The .wav files then become available for broadcast on Zen Radio,, and other media presentations. HAVE also makes retail-ready DVDs for the Dharma shop and online store.

Dharma Communications and HAVE, Inc. have been working together for 15 years.

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“I am happy with the [duplication] job you did on the Qigong and Tai Chi videos. I like the communication we have had. Thanks. I anticipate ordering more copies within the next year. We'll be in touch.”
Greg DiLisio, M.A.
Program Director at Kripalu
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