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One flinty New Englander packed up his family and 16 mm camera and filmed stop-offs in France, St.Croix, Panama, Alaska, St. Paula (where's that?), Montana, Deerfield River and other u-name-its halfway around the world.

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Documenting the family trips was his passion and eventually his film library grew to thousands and thousands (and thousands) of feet. Fortunately, as some of the footage turned 40 years old, his sons and daughters pitched in and asked us to help them permanently archive the film digitally and make Multi-Disc DVD packages for 22 extended family members.

Talk about thoughtful on a grand scale! HAVE played back the film on 16 mm projectors and digitally captured the footage to hard drives. At that point, the 7 hour program was ready for authoring. Using chapter points defined by the worn paper labels taped to the tops of the rusty film cans, one daughter laid out copy for the menus. HAVE then made each film can available for viewing from a main menu on each of the 4 discs in the set.

And the family lived happily ever after. And so did the archived digital footage...

Digitizing and Archiving Brings New Life to Video and Audio Collections!

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“I am happy with the [duplication] job you did on the Qigong and Tai Chi videos. I like the communication we have had. Thanks. I anticipate ordering more copies within the next year. We'll be in touch.”
Greg DiLisio, M.A.
Program Director at Kripalu
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