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Customer Stories - R.O. Blechman

We're proud and excited that this week's HAVE, Inc. Customer Episode features world reknowned and celebrated artist & illustrator, animator and author, R.O. Blechman!

Mr. Blechmans long and storied career spans over 30 years, touching many different areas of graphic art and design, including television, film, and print media.

We're thrilled to have been able to help Mr. Blechman for many years, since 2004 in fact, with video editing, compilations of animated films to DVD, which included DVD Authoring, and format transfer from BETA to DVD. Thank you R.O.!

R.O. Blechman, Renaissance Man

RO Blechman - The JugglerBorn in New York in 1930, R.O. Blechman attended the High School of Music and Art, and graduated from Oberlin College after working for the school newspaper as editorial RO Blechman - The Jugglercartoonist. Immediately after graduation he published his first book, The Juggler of our Lady. Blechman went on to publish a half dozen more books.

Some of Mr. Blechmans best known works include memorable television commercials for Alka Seltzer and Perrier, that many regard as classics in American advertising history. Other best knowns include the animated PBS Special Great Performance: The Soldiers Tale, for which he won a Best Director Emmy Award, and 19 covers for The New Yorker magazine!

RO Blechman The New Yorker CoverIn his varied career, Blechman opened a design studio (1960), worked as a sales promotion art director for an advertising agency (1968), and opened an animation studio (1977 - 2004). During this time, Mr. Blechmans works included illustrations in such magazines as Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, Trump, Theater Arts, and Show. And during the 70's, he penned editorial cartoons about the Vietnam War for The Village Voice, and others.

Words, images, and animation are indeed Mr. Blechman's stock in trade, winning him other kudos as well. Like Adweek Illustrator of the Year in 1983, AIGA Design Archives awards, an Emmy Award nomination for graphic design for Nicholas Nickelby, and election to the Art Directors' Hall of Fame in 1999!

Current projects include a suite of serigraphs illustrating the poetry and prose of William Blake, and occasional illustration for the Huffington Post. Visit It's truly a privilege to be able to work with the great R.O. Blechman.

RO Blechman Editing at HAVE
Our editor, Chris Harvey, working with R.O. Blechman on a compilation of some of his animated movies
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