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HAVE, Inc. - 3 Divisions, 1 Attitude: Service

HAVE, Inc. Multimedia Services division offers complete DVD/Blu-ray/CD/Flash/Video/Audio duplication and replication services, including DVD, Blu-ray, and CD-Rom authoring and presentation development, video post production Non-linear (NLE) editing, audio post production services, audio and video digital services including encoding, transcoding, and digital file delivery and streaming, pod-casting, project coordination, graphic design and printing for product and packaging, including eco-packaging, web-based order fulfillment and warehousing services, and associated multimedia services.

Elephants & Our Logo

Elephants with raised trunks are universal symbols of good luck. I've been collecting them since I was a child. When I started HAVE, I chose the elephant as our logo, hoping its good luck would touch not only our company, but everyone who did business with us as well.

Now African elephants may face extinction. Poachers, after their ivory, are wiping them out cruelly and ruthlessly at an incredible rate. Concerned people all over the world are working to save these magnificent, intelligent animals. In many countries, including ours, laws have been drafted to restrict the importation of all ivory. People are asked not to sell it or buy it, as it's impossible to know what is "old" ivory and what is "new."

My dream is that the measures necessary to help the elephant will succeed before the only elephants left will be those in the zoo, and in our logo. We actively support these efforts to protect elephants, and hope you will, too.

Nancy Gordon
President, HAVE Inc

Call: 888-999-4283

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“I received my order quickly and in great condition. I was very pleased to find your website and with your service and for what it's worth I'm telling my friends and associates about your site. Thank you.”
John Hoertel
Belleville IL
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