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Eco Packaging

HAVE has always been a proponent of and advocate for the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. In fact concern for the environment was how HAVE began in the first place, selling recycled ¾" videotape from a basement office. Helping our client's select greener packaging solutions is just one way that HAVE is committed to help preserve our world. We want to work with you to find the packaging that's right for you, your product, and the environment.


Digipaks are fast becoming the most popular eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging available. Digipaks can be customized to fit a variety of shapes and forms, and number of discs, and are made from 100% recycled board. Plus Digipaks now include 100% recycled plastic trays that are at least 35% post consumer waste.


Great alternatives to jewel cases are environmentally friendly, plastic-free board sleeves, jackets, and wallets. Made from 100% recycled board, these solutions can range from simple one-disc mini-jackets, all the way up to large multi-disc packages for both CD and DVD products. Recycled board products are slim, and lighter than comparable plastic product, saving on storage space and shipping costs.


We'll help you choose booklets and other printed materials for your product that are printed on at least 50% recycled content (25% post consumer). Paper that is Forest Service Council Certified (FSC-certified), to help sustain healthy forests. Plus inks used are vegetable based, so are made from renewable sources. Using vegetable based inks also makes printed materials easier to de-ink when it comes time to recycle!


We're working hard to identify and offer new greener options as they become available, like recycled plastic jewel cases, hemp-based Digipak trays, corn oil derived poly carbonate for disc molding, and bio-degradable poly sleeves and jackets. And we work hard to be green ourselves with in-house recycling programs for paper, plastic, and cardboard. While CDs and DVDs are not yet made from recycled materials, HAVE has joined with CD Recycling Center of America and encourages post-use recycling of discs and jewels cases. Visit, sign up, and start sending your unused or old CD's and DVD's for recycling today!

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