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Closed Captioning & Subtitling

HAVE offers a full menu of Closed Captioning and Subtitling services to help ensure that your message reaches as much of your audience as possible, including hearing or vision impaired, or monolingual users.

Offline Captioning

The most common type, adds captions to previously recorded video programs. Your source material is transcribed, and carefully proofread, resulting in a captions file that is time-coded to your source material. Then we can either send the captions file back to you for encoding, or as a complete service we can encode your captions file with your source master, creating a new captioned master, all ready for delivery or duplication or what have you.

Captioning for Webcasting

Similar to Offline captioning. Just send us the video file you are putting on the web, and we will create a digital caption file that includes all time-code stamps. Digital caption files are proofread and reviewed for complete accuracy before we send it back to you. Different web presentation systems like RealPlayer®, Quicktime&tm;, and Windows Media Player use a variety of caption file formats. We'll help you decide which format caption file you'll need.


A powerful way to make sure all can enjoy your program. Whether you have a foreign language video, or your program is being prepared for international distribution, we can help with subtitles. Just send us the program master along with a script or translation if you have them, and we can format the script or translation into a subtitle file with careful time-coding to match the program audio. Subtitles can even be moved around to not interfere with variable program graphics. DVD subtitle files are stored separately from the video, and can be turned on or off by the viewer. Video subtitles are encoded into the video, so will appear whenever the video plays

Audio Description (sometimes called Video Description)

Allows visually impaired users access to the visual content of a program, through the use of an audio track that is specially prepared and scripted to include descriptions of key visual elements in the program. Those elements could include the programs actions, the visual setting, on-screen titles, and even characters appearance and body language. This Audio Description track is then mixed with the program audio on the master, and is accessed through the SAP (Second Audio Program) channel of the program.

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