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Art Templates

Listed below are some of our most frequently requested art files. If you are interested in other packaging options, please contact your sales representative and they will be happy to e-mail you the proper template. Due to the wide variety of application files we accept, these templates are saved as generic EPS files and can be used in any standard design program. Sorry, program-specific template files are not available.

Please note when using our templates that trim lines are indicated as solid lines and bleed lines are indicated by dotted lines. Bleeds must be included where noted, and a "safe" barrier of 1/8" should be used between the trim line and any text. For CD/DVD art, do not flatten the center knockout into your artwork. All electronic art should include all fonts and support files used while creating the project. The file should also be set up using CMYK and/or Pantone Matching System color models only. Other models, such as RGB or Pantone Process, cannot be used. Final resolution for all images must be 300ppi or higher. "Final resolution" means the resolution of the images after they have been imported into you layout program. Images that are less than 300ppi will not print as well and can not be corrected by HAVE. All other corrections to artwork that does not meet our specifications may be subject to graphic design charges. If you have any questions, please contact your personal sales representative who can put you in touch with our graphic design department.

Go here to upload your finished art files.

Some examples of packaging art


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