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What Our Customers have to say...

"Kim, I really like your work. The CD's sound great, the packaging is professional and I have a REAL CD!!! Thank You!!"
Marlyn Miller
Hudson, NY
"Thank you for the quick turnaround on the DVD's. I appreciate all you did to get this done."
Kathy Johnson
Benchemark Printing
"...we really do appreciate the hoops you go through sometimes for us! It's probably the best customer service we get - and we appreciate it because it's the kind of customer service we try to give! Thanks again!"
Debra Cardillo
Live Oak Media
"I highly recommend HAVE, Inc. for any media services. They were friendly, professional, and prompt in answering any questions I had about products and services. I felt like they shared my enthusiasm and excitement for the project; and they kept in constant contact with me to ensure not only the quality, but that I made my release date deadline."
Christina Dellea
Hillsdale, NY
"Thanks, Molly and Fritz. Everybody is raving about the package and reproduction. And then they realize there is music on the discs, and it amazes them! :)"
Bill Carter, of Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet
Clarks Summit, PA
"DVD's arrived on schedule. Barely out of the box, they have already generated laughter and tears. Kids and grandkids will now have their own copies. Who knows? Maybe one day they will have to turn to you to have (HAVE) the DVD's converted to the future medium of preference, since the technology is changing so quickly. I guess all we need to do now is produce a bunch of trailers and distribute them widely. "COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!" :) Thanks for the efficient service!"
Anthony Nicastro
Williamstown, MA
"Everyone is very pleased with the recording and the packaging. The CDs are selling like hotcakes!

Thanks so much for all your help with this project. I'll be sure to encourage my next client to go to HAVE Inc."
Janet Marie Yeates
JM Yeates Graphic Design
Northville, NY
"I write to commend you and the staff of HAVE, Inc. for your work on our Audio Teaching Resource CD project. The level of your customer service was truly exceptional during every step of the process. You helped us make design decisions, were timely in the execution of CD duplication, and when an error occurred in the finished product you fixed that error without hesitation. The finished CDs are well made both in appearance and sound quality. We wanted to let you know that an exceptional product and superior customer relations are the reasons we will choose HAVE, Inc. in the future. Thank you."
Tobias Anderson, Catskills Educator
Tom Alworth, Executive Director
"I am happy with the [duplication] job you did on the Qigong and Tai Chi videos. I like the communication we have had. Thanks. I anticipate ordering more copies within the next year. We'll be in touch."
Greg DiLisio, M.A.
Program Director at Kripalu
"Hey, you guys are the best!

The tapes got here and I just popped one in and it looks great! I can't believe you guys turned that many around that fast and then got them here so quickly; after getting the master on Monday, you got them back in our hands by 3:30 on Tuesday! But you did it and I just had to write and say thank you.

You guys pulled through again for us. I hate to keep testing that, and hopefully that will stop, but you came through again and I thank you and appreciate it.

You never get rattled, even when things are coming unraveled for a client...and we all know that my or any other clients problem becomes HAVE's problem. You and everyone at HAVE are the standard by which Customer Service should be judged. Thank you all again!"
Greg Lindgren
Director, Video Training and Communications
The Dress Barn, Inc.
"We got the CDs this morning...they look fantastic! Thanks so much for all your work helping us get this project completed (and in such a short amount of time). We really appreciate it a whole lot. It's been a pleasure working with you."
Tessa Balach
New York Medical College
"We received our HAVE, Inc. CD shipment on Friday and completed our CD mailing before the weekend. Thank you so much for all your support!!! The CD's look great. Our Pete Seeger Remembers was very successful and we are grateful for the quick turn around that you provided to us for the Fall Fund Drive CD premiums. Our listeners will be very glad to have their gifts in hand.

Thank you again, on behalf of everyone here at WAMC; I send our warmest wishes to you and the folks at HAVE, Inc."
Karen C. Dooley
Fund Drive Coordinator/PR Coordinator
Albany, NY


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“I always try to acknowledge people who care and who take ownership of doing a great job for their customers. I know that I certainly do for my customers and am usually disappointed in my vendors who don't seem to care about my company.

Thanks again, it is certain that you are incapable of mediocrity and I look forward to spending more money with you guys.”
Terry M. Hill
Technology Solutions Provider
Sugar Land, TX
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