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CD-Rom presentations are powerful communications tools that offer programmability and ease of use that is incomparable. Allow users to move at their own pace, instantly choosing chapters or menu items, replay sections or whatever meets your specific presentation needs, all with easy menu and chapter navigation. Whether you're interactively pitching a product or catalog, making a sales presentation, teaching a course, documenting a lecture, or presenting your message to the audience of your choice, a CD-Rom Web navigation tool projects your statement clearly and presents a true WOW factor to everyone who uses it.

CD-Rom presentations allow viewers to attend a sales pitch or meeting or lecture from their own computer at their own pace at any time, and allows viewers to link to web-based resources, streaming video content, product updates, or other elements associated with your presentation, easily and seamlessly. In a time when time and money are scarce, sessions or presentations that may be difficult or impossible to attend in person, can be delivered to a prospect or student economically, on CD-Rom or as a Web based presentation...

Here's how it works:

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“I highly recommend HAVE, Inc. for any media services. They were friendly, professional, and prompt in answering any questions I had about products and services. I felt like they shared my enthusiasm and excitement for the project; and they kept in constant contact with me to ensure not only the quality, but that I made my release date deadline.”
Christina Dellea
Hillsdale, NY
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