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Jewel Case Packages

Jewel case with clear tray; 4/1 insert and 4/4 tray card
Jewel case with black tray;
4/1 booklet and 4/0 tray card

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2-Panel Inserts · 4-Panel Inserts · 6-Panel Foldouts
8-Panel Foldouts · 8-Panel Booklets
Slimline Jewels · Multi-Disc Jewel Cases

Hard to call them the "old standby" of CD packaging. Not when you factor in fast turnaround, affordability, and classic good looks. Not to mention premium full color disc and insert printing, giving you lots of "bang for your buck". Jewel Cases offer professional, retail-ready packaging that anyone will be proud of, in a large variety of styles and options.

Jewel Case packages are available simply, with tray card and 2-panel insert, or step it up several notches, with 4 to 8 panel foldouts, or 8 to 12 page posterfolds, or stapled multi-page booklets even. Your audience will appreciate and best of all, notice the extra features you include in your Jewel Case package, like lyrics, program notes, conference extra, meeting transcripts, or what have you. The possibilities are endless with CD Jewel Case packaging.

All CD and DVD Jewel Case packaging includes premium disc replication, with full-color on disc printing.

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“Everyone is very pleased with the recording and the packaging. The CDs are selling like hotcakes!

Thanks so much for all your help with this project. I'll be sure to encourage my next client to go to HAVE Inc.”
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Northville, NY
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