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You want your packaging to express your vision of your project, and that's just what we can do for you, within budget and on time! We're specialists in solving all types of packaging needs, from environmentally friendly sustainable packaging to standard boxes and sleeves to art as unique as your program.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

From its inception, HAVE has been a proponent of and advocate for the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We offer and encourage the use of recycled and sustainable packaging of all types. From plain white recycled paperboard sleeves to biodegradable polypropylene safety sleeves to recycled or biodegradable CD and DVD mailers.
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Custom Packaging
An example of the custom packaging service we can offer

Custom Packaging

We're specialists in solving all types of packaging needs. In fact custom packaging is one of our favorite things. We routinely assemble packages like P.O.P. kits and product packs, and we especially enjoy the challenge of creating custom packaging for your unique needs - whether it's just a few or thousands. Our experienced teams are ready to help you with your next custom packaging project. No job too simple or complex.

Standard Packaging

If standard packaging is what you desire, we also offer the entire range of standard packaging for any need or application. We do our best to source the greenest standard packaging we can, to include at least 10% post consumer recycled products whenever possible. From plain white paperboard sleeves and everyday standard jewel cases or albums, to cool colorful clamshell cases and double DVD albums, we do it all.

Standard jewel case
Standard jewel cases are a simple & effective way to sell your program

Mailing Services

HAVE does mailing services too, for any of your packaged products or marketing materials! And for complete order fulfillment services of your multimedia projects, visit our fulfillment division at

Graphic Design

Our talented design department can bring the vision of your project to life! Simply give us a sketch of your idea, the photographs you would like to use, and the text; we'll provide the your satisfaction. If you'd like to provide your own artwork, HAVE accepts finished electronic artwork in all popular formats, including InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, and Photoshop for both PC and Mac. Files may be sent to us via FTP, e-mail attachment, or CD, and should be saved in a WinZip or Stuffit archive for electronic transmission. (please contact your personal sales representative for details and instructions).

Common Art Templates

Go here for downloadable templates for our most commonly used packaging types. Please note that due to the wide variety of application files we accept, these templates are saved as generic EPS files and can be used in any of the programs listed above. Sorry, program-specific template files are not available.

Helpful Hints for Problem-Free Art 

Standard jewel case
An example of a standard HAVE template

Please note when using our templates that trim lines are indicated as solid lines and bleed lines are indicated by dotted lines. Bleeds must be included where noted, and a "safe" barrier of 1/8" should be used between the trim line and any text. For CD/DVD art, do not flatten the center knockout into your artwork. All electronic art should include all fonts and support files used while creating the project. The file should also be set up using CMYK and/or Pantone Matching System color models only. Other models, such as RGB or Pantone Process, cannot be used. Final resolution for all images must be 300ppi or higher. "Final resolution" means the resolution of the images after they have been imported into you layout program. If you have a 300ppi image in Photoshop, then place it in a Quark document and double its size, the final resolution is only 150ppi. Images that are less than 300ppi will not print as well and can not be corrected by HAVE. All other corrections to artwork that does not meet our specifications may be subject to graphic design charges. If you have any questions, please contact your personal sales representative who can put you in touch with our graphic design department.

If you will need photographs scanned for any part of your artwork and need to mark photographs for reference, please use a Post-It™ Note on the back of each photo. The use of ballpoint pen to write on the back of the photos, or attaching notes with a paperclip or other metal clip, may cause creases in the photos that can show up during scanning and may require graphic design time to remove. Also, please try not to use dark colored or "Sharpie" magic markers as they may bleed through and cause dark spots on the image. Writing on the backs of the photos with a soft, light colored marker or felt-tip pen may be ok, but make sure that the ink has time to dry before you collect the photos.


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