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HAVE MultiMedia Client Stories

Customer Stories - The Adventures of Brilliant Bob

Bob says: Be Smart Like Me and Archive As You Go.

Bob's been acquiring rights to fine arts programming for many years and has an enormous video library. At one time, he released the library as VHS. Then later as DVD. And tomorrow, then what? It used to be so simple. Now things are not so simple, but there are ways of streamlining the work flow required to distribute Bob's library and generate the myriad file types necessary to do so.

Archiving, the great idea

Bob the Visionary and Mary, What Not To Do

When VHS gave way to DVD, Bob saw into the future and worked with HAVE to make it happen with one simple decision. Archive As You Go.

This is what he did:

He didn't merely capture the video programming and spit it out as DVD. Instead, for each of his programs, appropriately uncompressed files are saved to Bob's hard drive. Once archived, the files are available for transcoding for social media, output to DVD, import into an editing environment and sliced into trailers, etc., etc., etc.. Bob's library is typically captured from 1" tape or Beta SP tape stock as QuickTime files. One hour of programming uses about 13 gigs of hard-drive space. Do the math; 150 1-hour titles fits on 2 Terrrabyte hard drives which cost less than $150.00 each. Bob keeps one drive here at HAVE, and we back it up regularly and send the back-up drive back to him. He's ready to go wherever and whenever technology and the marketplace take him.

Customer Mary Makes the Classic Mistake

"Here's my master. Now make me a DVD!" she says.

"Would you like that archived?" we say.

"Oh No!", says she. "I don't want to over-complicate this! All I want is a DVD!"

So, we did make her the DVD and one month later, we clear the work files and capture from our hard drives...

Two Months later Mary's back.

"Can you please make me a .wmf from just the first two minutes of the program?", she asks?

"Customer Mary! You mean the program we did 2 months ago? But we no longer have the video captures. You hadn't wanted them".

"Oh No!" she sobs wiping tears off her glasses, "I didn't want to archive! What a terrible mistake I made!"

Hopefully not a mistake that Mary will make again...

This would never happen to Bob. He just calls in, asks us to edit a specific clip for a specific use and we email him the file. Bob radically simplified his life with a single decision; Archive the captures to drive as you go.

Brilliant Bob lived happily ever after. And so did Bob's archived digital footage...

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Program Director at Kripalu
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